funky vocab

no really, i have a list of words i like. it's in a database and everything.

ambivalent adj
coexistence of opposing attitudes or feelings or uncertainty or indecisiveness as to which course to follow
anathema n
an imprecation; a curse; a malediction. often by ecclesiastical authority
anomaly n
one that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify angular deviation, as observed from the sun, of a planet from its perihelion
antinomian adj
opposed to, denying, the fixed meaning or obligation of moral law
apoplectic adj
sudden impairment of neurological function or effusion of blood into tissue.
a fit of extreme anger or rage
bilious adj
of, relating to, or containing bile - a peevish disposition; ill-humored
chthonic adj
of or relating to the underworld
copasetic adj
very satisfactory or acceptable
crapulous adj
marked by gross intemperance; esp drinking.
cunctation n
procrastination; delay
curmudgeon n
avaricious grasping fellow, a miser, a churl. person who is stubborn and resentful (esp of change).
read, interpret, decode, make meaning of obscure or unintelligle matter
defunct adj
having ceased to exist or live
deprecate tr.v
to express disapproval of, deplore, belittle; depreciate to seek to avert by prayer; to desire the removal of; to seek deliverance from; to express deep regret for
discontinuity n
lack of continuity, logical sequence, or cohesion surface at which seismic wave velocities change
disperse; expend, especially recklessly; exhaust
undesired change in signal as a result of imperfections in the transmission medium
ecstatic adj
elightful beyond measure, rapturous, ravishing, bliss or joy
erudite adj
learned; having or showing profound knowledge
excoriate tr v
strip or wear skin off. to abrade, gall, censure strongly, denounce.
exquisite adj
characterized by intricate and beautiful design or execution of such flawless beauty or delicacy as to arouse intense delight acutely perceptive or discriminating
fey adj
having or displaying an otherworldly, magical, or fairylike aspect or quality
flaunt tr.v
to exhibit ostentatiously or shamelessly
forsake tr.v
to give up, abadon, renounce
fungible adj
grok tr.v
to understand profoundly through intuition or empathy.
hajnal magyar
idiolect n
the speech of an individual, considered as a linguistic pattern unique among speakers
impunity n
exemption or freedom from punishment, harm, or loss
inconspicuous adj
not prominent or readily noticeable
interstice n
A space, especially a small or narrow one, between things or parts
ken n
perception; understanding
klepto sl
a person who has a compulsion to steal
mandatory adj
required by rule, commanded by authority; obligatory
mediocre adj
of middle quality; of but a moderate or low degree of excellence; indifferent; ordinary
melange n
a motley assortment of things
mendacious adj
given to deception or falsehood
mephitis n
noxious, pestilential, foul smelling exhalations from decomposition or pollutants
zool: genus of mammals, including the skunks
misocainea n
hatred of new ideas
morpheme n
smallest meaningful unit in grammar, can be a full word, a syllable or just the letter 's' marking plurality
naive adj
simple and guileless; artless, unsuspecting or credulous
nefarious adj
infamous by way of being extremely wicked.
neophyte n
a recent convert to a belief; a proselyte, a novice, tyro.
noisome adj
noxious, harmful, offensive to the smell or other senses, disgusting
obsolete adj
no longer in use, outmoded in style, design or construction
osculate vtr
to kiss, to touch closely
mathematics; to have 3 or more coincident points
pedestrian adj
going on foot. undistinguished, ordinary; pedestrian prose, dull
pernicious adj
causing great harm; destructive
plebian adj
of the plebs; roman common people, vulgar, coarse, crude
prosaic adj
characteristic of prose. matter-of-fact, lacking imagination, dull, straightforward
pyro sl
a person who has a compulsion to set fires
rakehell n
an immoral or dissolute person; a libertine
resound in a succession of echoes; repeatedly reflected, have a prolonged or continuing effect, drive or force back; repel
segue (segway) v
move smoothly and unhesitatingly from one state or situation to another
sentient adj
endowed with feeling and unstructured consciousness
singularity n
a point in space-time at which gravitational forces cause matter to have infinite density and infinitesimal volume, space-time is infinitely distorted a point at which the derivative does not exist for a given function but every neighbor of which contain
snatch n
a quick grasp or grab, a small amount of time, the vulva
tergiversation intr v
to use evasions or ambiguities; equivocate.
torque n
the moment of a force; the measure of a force's tendency to produce torsion and rotation about an axis, equal to the vector product of the radius vector from the axis of rotation to the point of application of the force and the force vector.
ubiquitous adj
being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time; omnipresent
unequivocal adj
admitting of no doubt or misunderstanding; clear and unambiguous
vernacular n
the everyday language, dialect or idiom of a particular people or profession
widget n
a meta-thing. used to stand for a real object in didactic examples
zeitgeist deutsch
spirit of the times

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