geek, programmer, friend, artist, always learning

☆ proudly born in scotland ★
★ australian family - grew up in queensland, the sunshine state ☆
☆ ten amazing years in toronto, canada ★
★ also lived in; melbourne, perth, frankfurt, london and berlin ☆
☆ loving life in amsterdam since 2013 ★
.. after so many travels, pretty sure Amsterdam is my forever home


loving life and learning

sci-fi to science, hip-hop to electronica, the world is full of inspiring, creative types.

The Name of the Wind
Finders Keepers
A Learning Experience
Safe Haven
A Celtic Witch
A Lost Witch
A Dangerous Witch
Ink and Bone
Time Salvager
Sorcerer to the Crown
Degrees of Delusion
Gene Mapper
The Watchmaker of Filigree Street
The Long Utopia
The Annihilation Score
Burning Paradise
The Joy Luck Club